photography part of this camera

The photography part of this camera I have been clicking a lot of photos since I got this camera like since day one I’ve been leaving a lot of photos with the Canon 1300 D and it has performed really well in all the situations maybe low lighting conditions night photography day lighting conditions artificial lighting conditions everywhere this camera has been performing really well due to the manual mode so you have all the manual controls that is ISO white balance shutter speed and whatnot so you can click some really good photos with this camera and as far as photography goes I have no complaints with this camera it is a very good camera the sensor is awesome and it clicks some really good photos talking about the sensor it is an 18 megapixel sensor but it is a crop sensor it is not a full-frame sensor but that is okay considering the price of this camera now one more thing that I really like about this camera is the colorscience Canon has always been really good with their colors like the screen tones are natural the colors are natural there is no extra saturation also and over it feels really good so you can pick up this camera and start shooting immediately without even tweaking anything like if you want to use the auto mode you can just pick it up and start looking for those it is that good but yeah if you are a pro photographer or if you are learning photography then you should use the manual mode because it is very good now that was photography let’s talk about the main thing that I use this camera for that is videos so when I bought this camera I did not check the details properly like I just went with the this camera because it looked good on Amazon and one mistake that I made was that I did not check the details properly because this one does not come with a headphone jack to connect external microphone yes you heard me right you cannot connect external microphone to this camera which is a big letdown if you are starting YouTube so if you want to buy this camera for YouTube then do note that you will have to record the audio separately this camera won’t record audio in itself like it does not have a tag notifications

photography part of this camera

okay anyway this let me just put that one silent okay but anyway so yeah it does not come with a headphone jack but other than that the video quality is actually very good because of the sensor again you get really good colors the quality is good and moreover the quality depends upon the lens that you use so if you want to use the fit lens it is good enough for YouTube you can get some really good shots I have been using the fit lens since the day I got this camera I did not use any other lens with this camera and yeah it’s been working really fine for me one place where video struggles is in low-light so when you go towards low-light conditions maybe in the night or so then this filter then this camera really struggles in terms of video so that’s why I do make a note of that but in welded conditions made the artificial lighting conditions or even day lighting conditions if the lighting is good then yeah you can get some really good video quality out of this camera I’m editing the video now and forgot to mention that the candy 1380 can shoot a maximum at 1080p 30fps it does not have 1080p 60fps nor does it have 4k which seems a little odd for 2018 like we are entering into this world where 4k is going to be the future 4k is everywhere and this camera – maxes out at 1080p 30fps I would have loved to see 1080p at 60fps at least like if for Cleese not available that’s okay considering the price of this camera but 1080p 60fps that Canon should have given to this camera so overall to sum it all up I would say that the Canon 1300 D is really good camera for the price and one more bonus point is that it comes with Wi-Fi and NFC so you can transfer your photos and videos immediately to your phone with the use of Wi-Fi so you do not have to take out the SD card or so you can directly transfer the photos to your phone which is a very big thumbs up from my side you can also use the phone as a remote shutter but that is only for photos you cannot use it for videos so if you want to like see yourself while you’re shooting on your phone


then you cannot do that you can do that for photos but not for videos now one more corn that I have with this camera is that its display does not turn around so it does not have a flip screen the screen is fixed you cannot turn it around so again it is very difficult flow of vlogging so if you want to use this camera for vlogging then you have to go like you have to do it without looking at yourself you have to look into the camera you don’t have any screen so the framing is kind of difficult but yeah you can use it for vlogging because it is very lightweight and compact and that is a big Pro because it is very small very lightweight it does not feel like a heavy camera it is a lightweight camera you can easily carry it around anywhere and obviously like the weight of the camera also depends upon the lens but if you use the kit lens then yeah it is a light camera so hence to sum it all up I would say that the 1300 D is a good camera for photography not for videography because of the lack of the headphone jack so if you want to use this camera for videos you can do so and you can record external audio that’s totally up to you but I would recommend that go for the 700d instead it has a better sensor it has better color better dynamic range and it also does have a headphone jack so if you want to buy a camera for YouTube 700 T is the perfect camera perfect entry-level camera and it would give you tons and tons of features also the 700d has a flip-out screen so i regret not taking a 700d at that time i was in a hurry and I took the 300d.

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