Best DSLR Cameras in 2021

The canon t8i why two cameras to start off the list I’ll explain the canon t7 is the perfect camera for someone that wants a camera that’s easy to use and looks amazing right out of the box the canon t7 is a fantastic photo camera and it’s actually the most affordable DSLR camera on the market depending on when you’re seeing this video it should cost anywhere between 349 and 399. this camera has a 24 megapixel gorgeous canon sensor and it does 5 frames per second in photos with pin sharp autofocus also this camera does have full canon raw so if you wanted you could get very professional looking results with this camera but the best thing about shooting with the canon camera is that the colors look amazing right out of the box they’re well saturated and vibrant you almost don’t have to do any editing to this camera this is one of those cameras that’s really easy to just pick up and shoot with however the reason this camera is so affordable is because they cut corners in almost every aspect of this camera there is no articulating screen no external audio jack there is no touch screen and the video is pretty terrible and the autofocus when it comes to video is even worse if you’re a hobbyist that just casually wants to shoot video with this camera you probably will not care but if you want to do anything serious with your video in this camera i do not recommend the canon t7 which is why i recommend the canon t8i its slightly older brother the canon t8i is slightly more expensive but has all the features that they left out of the canon t7 the canon t8i really shines when it comes to video this camera does full hd all the way up to 60 frames per second with amazing video autofocus when it comes to autofocus this camera is absolutely the best it has touch autofocus but also intelligent face and object tracking also this camera has a side articulating screen and an audio jack for external audio which is perfect for anybody that wants to make youtube content the only downside to the canon t8i is that it does 4k but it does 4k with a crop in my opinion this camera really isn’t worth the price.

If you’re specifically looking to do 4k if you want a good 4k camera i have one for you later in this list so whether you’re someone that wants to do photos or video the canon t7 and the canon t8i are a great place to start but if you’re someone that loves to edit their photos and takes pride in their photoshop and lightroom skills the camera you should really be looking at is the nikon d3500 because it has one specific feature which makes it amazing for anybody that really wants to edit their photos the nikon d3500 comes really close to the canon camera it has a 24 megapixel sensor and does 5 frames per second with fabulous autofocus but the key difference is the colors and the raw codec canon cameras have gorgeous colors right out of the box that don’t need a lot of editing but with nikon cameras they give you a very neutral color profile right out of the box but an extremely powerful raw codec nikon cameras are designed for photographers in mind who really want to edit their photos and really push their work to the next level this is the only entry-level camera that you can get right now that has a 14-bit raw codec which is the most robust raw codec you can possibly get this raw codec will give you the same results as a 5 000 or 7 000 dslr minus the extra resolution in the sensor and the video in this camera is pretty mediocre i really do not recommend this camera for video if you’re looking to do video i definitely recommend a canon camera especially at an entry level price point and another thing to note this camera does not have a side articulating screen nor does it have an external audio jack this is again a very bare bones camera like the canon t7 but it has an extremely powerful raw codec so whether you’re looking to do

Lifestyle portraits food photography product photography or fashion photography and you really want to take your images to the next level i highly recommend picking up the nikon d3500 but what if you’re a young professional that needs to do both you need to get amazing photos at a fast speed and you need to get fantastic video but you don’t want to spend a ton of money for that i highly recommend the canon 90d and the canon 80d these two are probably the best cameras to get for anyone that’s looking to make money or start a side business with their camera also if you’re interested in learning how to make money with your camera equipment without having to spend thousands of dollars in new camera equipment or hundreds of hours learning check out the side hustle course in the link down below the side hustle course was specifically made for people who have an interest in photography and video and teach them how to have a high paying side hustle on the side that makes them money every single month i highly recommend checking out the course if you’re someone that’s already invested their hard earned money into new camera equipment it only makes sense to make that money back the canon 90d has a 32 megapixel sensor in aps-c size and the canon 80d has the same sensor size but is a 24 megapixel sensor which again is the same sensor from the canon t7 and the canon t8i when it comes to photos the 90d does 11 frames per second and the 80d does seven frames per second both cameras shoot canon raw with gorgeous canon colors if you’re someone that shoots a lot of corporate or weddings the canon 80ds 24 megapixel sensor should be more than enough but if you’re someone that shoots a lot of fashion or product photography and you want to be able to heavily crop into your image and have just more flexibility with your post workflow that extra 32 megapixel resolution will come in handy however unless you guys do a lot of editing most people will not notice the extra resolution but where these cameras really shine is video the canon 80d

Best DSLR Cameras in 2021

Does full hd from 23 frames per second all the way up to 60 frames per second and where the 90d really shines with that extra resolution in its sensor is the fact that the 90d does 4k without any crop and this is a big deal because most canon cameras crop into the sensor when it goes into 4k mode but this is the first canon camera that does not crop in when you go into 4k mode and the 4k out of the 90d is gorgeous and the canon 90d also does 120 frames per second in full hd if you’re someone that loves slow motion like me i highly recommend picking up this camera the slow motion is absolutely gorgeous and like most cameras where the slow motion doesn’t look as good as the normal video the slow motion absolutely holds up and it still looks good and the autofocus when it comes to photos and videos is fantastic in both cameras they both have canon dual pixel autofocus but the 90d has intelligent face tracking and intelligent object tracking if you’re someone that hates pulling focus is always struggling with focus the 90d is a must get the last thing i want to touch upon is the build quality and design of these cameras these cameras both have the exact same body and they’re both made with professionals in mind the way the buttons and the menus are laid out are exactly how a professional would want them they’re ergonomically friendly and the menus are really easy to use and on top of that the side articulating screen does not hit the audio jack which might sound like a little thing but if you’re a professional who wants to make money with their camera this is a big deal and in case you’re wondering the battery life in these cameras is excellent they will both easily run the entire day on a single battery but again never rely on a single battery get a spare and so now that we have the beginner the mid-range cameras out of the way

let’s talk about the big boys the cameras that only the professionals would get and and then before you leave in case you’re not ready to upgrade to these cameras it’s okay stick around geek out with me about these cameras and let me know in the comments down below which camera you would get if you were ready to upgrade so i couldn’t really decide which cameras to put at the end of this list so i decided to make it a comparison between the canon 5d mark iv and the nikon d850 both cameras have a dslr style body that is robust and ready for anything like literally these cameras are tanks what really sets these cameras apart from the mid-range or beginner cameras is the fact that they have a full frame sensor a full frame sensor is almost double the size of a normal aps-c size sensor which means you are literally getting double the sensor double the detail double the sharpness double the everything which is why the canon 5d mark iv has a 30 megapixel sensor while the nikon d850 has a 45 megapixel sensor if you’re looking to do photos the answer is obvious go with the nikon d850 because you get so much more resolution and both cameras shoot at 7 frames per second plus with the nikon camera you get that much beefier raw codec but if you’re looking to do video i actually recommend going with the canon camera simply because the hd in this camera is super sampled from 4k which means it’s sharp and detailed like a 4k image but within a manageable frame of full hd this camera does full hd at 23 30 and 60 frames per second sadly when you go into 4k it again crops to its sensor but because it’s a full frame camera you actually get the same size as something like the canon 90d in 4k but if you’re using full frame lenses on this camera you will still see that crop the canon 5d mark iv is extremely popular with video makers for two main reasons the super sample hd but also the fact that it has c log c log is a professional grade

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Flat profile that gives you way more dynamic range but also gives you way more flexibility when it comes to color grading your video the nikon d850 sally does not have any sort of cinema profile built in but the nikon d850 actually has two things that make it way better at video than the 5d the first thing is it does not crop into its sensor when shooting 4k and second it has super slow motion at 120 frames per second the 5d mark 4 also has 120 frames per second in super slow-mo but it only does it in 720p and as i’ve said in most of my videos if you shoot 720p we can’t be friends it does not look good but i should mention even though the nikon d850 does not have a cinematic profile my friend lane dorsey actually shot a few music videos with his nikon d850 and i have to say they look amazing he was able to get really good colors out of this camera simply in standard mode and both cameras have amazing autofocus but when it comes to video autofocus the canon is definitely better so i’ll be honest it was a really hard choice to make but i think when it comes down to it if i’m doing photos i’m gonna go with the nikon camera simply because it has a better raw codec and it has much higher resolution but when it comes to video i mostly shoot in hd and what i really care about is the colors and the dynamic range for that i’m gonna go with the 5d mark iv let me know in the comments down below what camera you guys think looks best and which one you would get well guys that’s pretty much it these are my recommendations for dslr cameras that are actually worth the money

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