Best Electric Cars of CES 2022!

At CES 2022, we saw many new electric vehicles including trucks, SUVs, delivery vehicles, and even personal transport pods. In this video, we’ll be highlighting all of the best and coolest EVs we saw first hand. Starting with Sony, they unveiled their newest Vision S 2 SUV. It’s a crossover similar in size to a Tesla Model Y, with dual motors and 536 horsepower, but no details on range yet. The interior has a large panoramic screen, and the rear seats feature 2 screens for each passenger that can even play Playstation games through a remote connection. But too bad you can’t find a PS5. There’s also no details on the MSRP of the Vision S 2, or availability date. Next up, BMW had their new iX electric vehicle with a wrap that changes color. It’s made of e-ink, the same type of display you’d find on a Kindle reader. It works by sending an electric field to activate the white or black pigments at the push of a button and BMW says it could be used to change colors during hot summer months, to make it white and reflect the heat. Right now, the car was only changing between white and black, on the body of the car and even the rims. But maybe in the future, we’ll see different colors. Hyundai also showed new futuristic concept vehicles on display, since they acquired Boston Dynamics back in June. They showed off a new concept called PnD for Plug & Drive, which is an electric pod that fits 1 person and has LiDAR and camera sensors to self drive around a city. The pods can even fit into a “Mother Pod” so multiple pods can move together like a bus, while each person is still in their own bubble.But jokes aside, it’s mainly focused towards people with limited mobility. Hyundai also displayed their M.Vision Go2, which is a concept delivery vehicle powered by Hydrogen. It has a futuristic looking interior, along with wheels that can rotate 180 degrees for ‘crab driving’. Next up, we saw new Electric truck concept vehicles by Edison Future. They have 2 models, the EF1-T which is a pickup truck that looks like a Cybertruck and Rivian made a baby, and their EF1-V cargo truck. For specs, they have Dual motor and Tri motor options, and the tri motor will have 816 horsepower, 450 miles of range and 11,000 lb towing capacity. The trucks also have unique features like the rear armadillo shell that covers the bed, along with solar panels integrated into the roof. The interior also feels luxurious, with 3 seats in the front along with multiple screens including a heads up display. But, these trucks are still prototypes and there’s still no word on pricing and availability. Meanwhile, one company that announced new EVs that is already starting to take pre-orders is VinFast. They’re a Vietnamese company owned by a much larger company called VinGroup, and they’re expanding into the US with 5 new EVs they revealed at CES. The VF8 is a mid size crossover SUV with 402hp, a range of 316 miles, and will do 0-60 in 5.5 seconds, which is comparable to a Tesla Model 3. The interior also looks luxurious yet simple, with the large screen in the center dash. The pricing of the VF8 will start at $41k, but if you put down a $200 refundable deposit, you’ll get a $3,000 voucher off the price. They’re also launching the VF9, a full size crossover SUV with 402h and 422 mile range. The interior has 3 rows of seating that will comfortably fit 6 people, along with a second display for the 2nd row. The VF9 starts at $56,000, with a voucher of $5,000 off if you pay the $200 refundable deposit. And they plan on starting deliveries by the end of 2022. Next up, Chrysler showed off their brand new Airflow concept all-electric crossover SUV. The concept car is a preview of their new EV lineup coming in the next few years. The exterior looks sleek and looks more like a production car, while the inside looks futuristic and luxurious with triple displays in the front, and even screens in the back for the passengers. For specs, they mentioned dual motors with 400hp, and a range of 350-400 miles. But no word on pricing and availability, but their lineup of EVs is slated to launch in 2025. Another brand new EV company with a prototype was IndiEV based out of Los Angeles California. They were showing off their Indi One prototype sedan, with a sleek look and futuristic design that also shows off the computer “brains” under the hood. For specs, they mentioned 410hp all wheel drive with 300 miles of range, and an MSRP starting at $45,000. The interior was luxurious with 3 large triple displays on the front. However, there was no word on release date and availability of this EV. Last on our list is the Solo by Electra Meccanica. This is a much smaller EV that only fits 1 person, with storage in the rear trunk. It has a 17.4 kilowatt hour battery that gives you a range of up to 100 miles. And this car is rated to go up to 80mph and still be able to drive on the highway and it’s even allowed in HOV lanes in California. It has a simple interior, but still plenty of screens in the dash to show all the controls and infotainment. For pricing, it starts at $18,500 and you can put in a pre-order with a refundable $250 deposit. The company has already delivered some of these to early adopters last year. Alright, that’s it for now. If you’re interested in Electric cars and other electric vehicles

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