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The canon EOS 2000d because i think there are a lot of photographers a lot of people actually out there that want to upgrade from their smartphone photography to a real camera so they might come across the canon eos 2000d thinking that this might be a great camera but is it actually um it has its goods points and bad stuff so so let’s talk about the specs first the canon eos 2000d has an aps-c camera 24.1 megapixels nine af points or autofocus points and if you want to do video it can do 1080p up to 30 frames per second and also a little bit of slow motion in 720p um 60 frames per second so not a whole lot of like beautiful specs or things to that really explodes your mind that’s not mind-blowing and stuff but then again this is an entry-level camera so don’t expect too much out of it uh what do we have on the outside so now i got here the body with the kit lens and it doesn’t have really that much on the outside at the top level we got just the mode dial switch at the back we got the little screen that is not touch screen it’s not tilting anything or it’s just flat and actually the resolution is not that high as much so talking about quality wise from a smartphone which is a lot better than what you see in this screen the screen is not that great the optical fuel finder it’s pretty much basic it’s just a looking glass on this little left side compartment like a little door we got the hdmi out it’s a mini hdmi then a little old-school usb type of input and then a little input for your timer or remote and at the bottom we got the battery compartment and the sd card slot actually the battery life of this little guy is quite good and after like a week or so of using it i still didn’t need to charge my battery because i took some photos i didn’t took it for the whole day but just in several days all across the week using this camera whenever i needed to and i didn’t and the battery life was really great so that’s a good thing of this camera the battery life and the grip itself feels really really good the switches and everything it feels very solid no like really squishy or anything on the outside how it looks it’s very plasticky it’s not like pro grade or anything it’s not weather sealed whatsoever um it has a little built-in flash that pops up like

this is definitely the way to go but if you don’t want to use flash you can just drop it down like this i only recommend using this flash if you really need to or if you are willing to have this kind of different look so that’s about it for the specs and outside the body it feels really good in the hand nice small compact camera including the kit lens it’s very lightweight you can carry it for all day without any issues the price of this here in the netherlands it cost me 295 euros so that’s a great deal even in the us it will cost you around 200 bucks or so so that’s very affordable for a lot of people to go into a real camera so the most important question that you can have with this camera is can it produce some nice images right this is the reason for for why people want to step up from their smartphone photography into a real camera the answer to that is yes it can really produce some great quality images what i did is some landscape portraits cityscapes and just all around lifestyle stuff even product photography and here are the results let’s start first with portraits here is a little portrait of my wife and as you see it can really produce some nice images this is just natural light no flesh whatsoever looking very good right um some landscape i’m not the landscape photographer so to me it’s quite challenging um as you see here a little bit of city landscape the city of rotterdam in this case and as you see it actually looks really good there was actually quite late in the evening around nine o’clock or so so it was getting quite dark and quite like moody i really like how the images are looking um landscape as well i’m not a landscape photographer but here are some example footage or example pictures it looks quite good um but do we got more some lifestyle pictures just daily stuff uh with my family you know kids and wife and stuff looks pretty pretty good and also for product photography here are also some examples it looks really good right i think this can produce some great images so in terms of image quality i think because of that sensor it can produce some good images um the overall dynamic range so let’s say you want to correct your exposure

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let’s say you underexpose your image meaning things are a little bit too dark you messed up your settings a little bit can you then lift the exposure up a little bit yes it’s possible it’s not as good as any pro level graded stuff but still very good very capable of solving your issues and now here is the bad stuff and that is the performance with that i mean the autofocus performance the best way i can tell you is by sharing you or showing you actually what it feels like with auto focusing on a subject so here is a little clip as you see right here i am looking into the optical viewfinder and as you see it just you cannot see what you’re focusing on it reminds me of using a film camera almost like manual focusing so in terms of using your optical fuel finder and checking if your focus is correctly especially for moving objects it’s very difficult so keep that in mind if you are a beginner you will have some quite a long or quite a steep learning curve but i think if you are very used to this camera then you can definitely use the optical viewfinder to your best use is that the way to put it you know if this is the only camera you have for many years and you will be great with the optical field finder but you can also put it in live view mode meaning that you can use your screen as your viewfinder and you can see your exposure directly so with that in mind if you are using that you can actually track a little bit of your subject but it is not that good as like a mirrorless camera here is the example footage what i mean by that is that you see that it will follow your subject it tracks it but it doesn’t lock on it so if you take a photo of that certain point and then you move the subject away or that move or that subject is moving and it needs to refocus on that on that point so for moving objects this is really a um a bad performer it doesn’t perform it’s just too slow so if you do a lot of moving fast moving projects or fast moving objects this is not your camera definitely not your camera but if you are using this for still live objects or for portraits for people that don’t move too much then this is actually quite an okay focusing camera but still even though when you think you are in focus you’re not for sure if you are in focus a lot of my pictures that you don’t see or that you are seeing right now are actually slightly out of focus and that’s actually quite frustrating to seeing that your photos are not in focus

even when you thought it’s in focus because you’re looking to the optical viewfinder you’re thinking like all right it’s good you can see it right it’s in focus but then when you go back to your computer and you’re looking at the photos and you’ll be like i’m not i’m i’m not in focus at all you totally missed it and that’s the biggest disadvantage or the biggest negative point of this camera is that you are not certainly or you’re not 100 sure that you are in focus a lot of photos that i took and i think especially for beginners that are upgrading from a smartphone to this camera they will notice as well like oh why are my images not in focus so they’re checking the settings they’re going to look up in youtube why this and that it doesn’t matter even if you have the best settings somehow in auto focusing this camera doesn’t perform that well you’re not sure what you’re auto focusing on um i also have a little comparison i took out my sony a6000 which is a camera that was released in 2015 or 14 even so a very old camera and that camera is a mirrorless camera that can still like follow your subject that is moving and it doesn’t have to recompose every time or refocus every time it just follows the subject and just take the picture and keep it in focus also quality wise images on the left here the sony on the right side this canon you know both are actually quite good colors are a little bit different but shoot in raw and you can just tweak them and have the same thing so image quality wise the canon eos 2000d it can give you some great images but get to those great images you really have to work for it filming stuff with this camera um the quality of the 1080p is not good i i didn’t really like how it looks especially with this kit lens it just looks very like um it looks very dated you can use it for filming stuff but it’s not that nice the quality is not that nice yeah so and overall

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Do i really recommend this camera for beginners no i don’t recommend this camera i really don’t recommend this because i think if you have let’s say you are having now a smartphone that can take some good pictures and um then you’re going to switch to this camera you will have a bad time with this camera you will see that most of your pictures will not be in focus you will see that the overall enjoyment of using this camera is not as as you expected maybe you know because you will see that it will focus very very slowly and you will notice that the images will not be in focus all those stuff um but yeah if you are willing to learn and go through it then you will notice that this is actually quite a bad camera in terms of its performance but when you do hit the performance or when you do get a nice picture even in low light conditions as you see right here you know if your objects are very still if you got the time then you can produce some nice images with this camera for all other things this camera is not the way to go i rather spend money on a different camera maybe even the sony a6000 then you will actually enjoy a little more with the results i think that’s the best way to put it so to conclude is it possible to create great images with this camera the answer is yes but does it perform really good?

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