LEGO City Sky Police Drone Chase review

There are some things in this set that I personally kind of like and there’s some things that I kind of don’t like they’re a little bit mad to me but let’s check out everything regardless this golden firefighter commemorative statue is kind of central to the premise of this set and it looks a little bit plain you know the pedestal does I think it would look better with some texture bricks the texture two by twos used to create that center column but as it is I mean at the very least it gives us a golden minifigure just a plain golden minifigure and you can use that for whatever you want you know it’s it’s a nice thing to get I think no matter what it’s got the golden fire extinguisher there the helmet is a different color because it’s actually a painted piece whereas the rest of the gold colored pieces there are just molded the irregular pearl gold color and at the base of the thing you saw a sticker that says the sticker for the base with the 1932 reference to Legos year of a founding long before they started copying plastic bricks but you’ve probably seen that on other firefighting related things and other LEGO City related things in the past here’s the drone that you’re supposed to capture and it almost looks insectoid and almost looks or I guess arachnoid it almost looks alive because it has the appearance of a couple of eyes on the front I’m assuming that those would be like 3d you know stereoscopic video cameras for very sophisticated criminals because this is belonging to the criminals this is a decent build for what it is it gives you the ability to space out the the rotors a bit and get them so that you can spend them independently or you can kind of fold them up to make it a little bit more compact if you want you know and do whatever you want with that I think that was a smart idea to have those attached on clips coming off to the sides a couple of stickers are used on the top just to add a little extra interest to it those are completely unnecessary if you hate stickers just leave them off and it has these landing pads which are landing skids.

I guess which also double as clause so the idea in this set is that the criminal would sneak up on this unsuspecting statue and grab it with these claws and take it away with this drone so you’re supposed to stop the drone and eventually you know take the pilot of the drone into custody and this works just fine grabbing around the helmet there you could also grab a little bit farther down I do wish that these were able to turn in and out you know they’re able to rotate I think that would have made it look certainly sorry about that would have made it look much much more interesting when it’s on the ground if you could put it into more of that yeah an insect-like or spider-like pose but as it is I think this is fine for what it’s intending to be and what it’s intended to do and you do not need to get all the legs at exactly the same angle and height and everything you can always just push straight down on this it has a little bit of extra extension on on the base that works perfectly so just put it on the ground and it’s good to go ready to take off again the main build is obviously a police helicopter and thank goodness it does not use that same canopy piece that most of the lego helicopters in the past decade or more have used so a little bit different design reminds me a little bit of this a little bit of a Cobra just just just a little bit I know it’s a single theater and everything and it’s supposed to be a civilian craft but I mean if it’s a civilian craft why does it have such long little winglets there as if they are ordnance pylons or something no I actually liked the build of this it was enjoyable to put together a little bit of studs on the side construction gives it some nice shaping here this is probably my favorite area of it right in here the rotors are a little bit short for the craft but at least they’re they’re secure you know they’re not flimsy on there I think the thing looks pretty good overall it does look a little bit dated to me it looks a little bit old and I think sky police is actually supposed to be a little bit futuristic but that’s totally subjective completely you got your searchlight over here a spotlight thing

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you can take that off if you don’t like it very easily and over here is a net shooter and that’s the the relatively new net shooter that they introduced I believe it was just the last year I’ve demonstrated how this works in the past it doesn’t work well unfortunately it’s much more compact than the old system but you know just shoots out a net same thing that they’ve had in the past good luck actually hitting anything with it you’re supposed to net yourself a drone in midair that’s supposed to fall on there and then get stuck to it there aren’t a lot of things on this to help it to get stuck so again good luck with that gonna use your imagination I think is the main recommendation there just if you get close to your target or if you touch your target then count that as a hit and an actual capture and takedown you can rotate the tail fan back here if you want if you want but that is a print that was really nice to see nothing else here is a print these are just stickers that’s a sticker there but that’s print so that’s cool it’s the the one printed piece that was allowed in in the budget for designers for this theme for this year yes alright normally they pick something smaller and then the cockpit is just fine nice with the studs inside construction again rather than using panel pieces a little bit different than usual printed console down there that’s good flight control stick cool yeah this is this is this is fine you know the set comes with only two figures unless you count the statue as a figure I have is entirely up to you but you know two figures that represent actual living characters I think the pilot well pilot on the left the helicopter pilot the cop looks really good just they’ve done a nice job I think for this year and this one has the full set with the the helmet you know the half helmet the new visor that is curved and the oxygen mask breathing apparatus there that looks good and then the criminal is clearly still in jail or in prison right cuz I mean look at his outfit either that or he just just broke out and got himself a quadcopter a very large one and started controlling it and decided okay

LEGO City Sky Police Drone Chase review

this is what I’m gonna do this is we’re gonna do with my life now I’m going to go steal statues so he’s got his controller there in his hand that is a sticker on it and that’s that no alternate face for the criminal the alternate face for the cop and there’s the policeman’s face just completely revealed and finally here are the spare parts left over from the build including one of those oxygen masks or breathing apparatus pieces a very nice bonus too bad they don’t also include one of the new visor pieces in these sets I would value this set at $20 225 at the most closer to 20 I think that the suggested retail price of 30 is a bit much in the u.s. looks like it’s priced a little bit better rester world but I mean if you can if you find it for a discount and think you can still get it within a reasonable range I just don’t find this personally to be that exciting of a set I think everything in it like I said during the review is is fine it’s a helicopter that at least is significantly different from the norm I think the little quadcopter here is a perfect size for that sort of thing that kids can pick up and use for things outside of the scenario that taste suggests here because it doesn’t work that great for just picking up the statue and how many times are you gonna pick up the statue you know you know find other things to pick up Lego and not Lego related and these little claws do really help with that then that shooter thing just unfortunately never works all that well itself the figure is kind of this figure is kind of funny given that criminals are always straight out of jail and about to go back that figure is great so some good things here some not so good oh yeah that was a plane you know just kind of summarizing everything so yeah this one this one is not one of the better ones but if if you like what you see and you can find it had a bit of a discount if you’re in the US or if you are happy with the price elsewhere then definitely go for it there’s no reason to not buy this I would definitely not recommend against it then I would just say look at some of the other offerings that are currently on the market before this one perhaps just my thoughts anyway that’s it for this video I did a build for this as well as one other set in the same build coz it was kind of a small one

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