Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2021

The Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad pro 2021~ The Xiaoxin Pad pro 2021 was officially launched at mainland china at $2999 RMB, but I use the Jing Dong 10% off coupon at $2505 Hong Kong Dollar. It’s the best budget tablet product that we have seen on the android 11 platform. Okay, let’s take a look at this device now. In terms of design, The Xiaoxin Pad pro 2021 is siler color body with CNC technology. 11.5 inch oled display with 2k resolution and support 90hz refresh rate, very smooth. It is great for watching youtube or movices, However, Xiaoxin Pad pro 2021 is supported youtube 2K 50fps HDR. Also, Xiaoxin Pad pro 2021 has four built-in JBL speakers and support Dolby Atmos. For performance, it’s powered by the snapdreagon 870 chipset; This is latest powerful CPU, And 6GB of LPDDR5 RAM, UFS 3.1 of 128GB internal memory It support micro-SD card. The Xiaoxin Pad pro 2021 can Support USB-C 3.1, OTG and display out. I was able to enjoy my favorite games of Airline Commander and Real Racing 3 On the higher graphic without any lags or no delays. If you like gaming on a bigger screen The Xiaoxin Pad pro-2021 is definitely something that you must consider. Okay~ Let me show you the androbench mark score, 1700 MB/s Read and 700 MB/s write. Nice! Regarding the antutu benchmark score. In terms of multitasking function, The Xiaoxin Pad pro-2021 has PC mode. I can watch football live, at the same time, I can play games. The windows can turn bigger or smaller, This operation is mi pad 5 cannot. This is a great function! Let’s take about the battery, The battery life is extremely important for enjoying the entertainment. The Xiaoxin Pad pro-2021 comes with a super large 8600 mah battery, And it also supports 20W and 3.0 quick charge, 0% to100%, I use around 2 hours 45 min. for charging. I really enjoy using the Xiaoxin Pad pro-2021 because its price is affordable and has higher performance. Also, starting the tablet is very fast, around 10 seconds. The Xiaoxin Pad pro-2021 is a mainland china version but I install google play or google services is very convenient. It is because the Xiaoxin Pad pro-2021 has GMS. Google Mobile Services If you would like to learn more about the Xiaoxin Pad pro-2021,

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