NIKON D7500 Review

It comes with a standard shoulder strap, a USB cable, a power cable for the battery charger, and the new ENEL-15A battery. And of course, it comes with an operating manual. Let’s talk about the build quality of the D7500. For me build quality is the most important factor when I buy any coupon and not just a camera anything that I buy the first thing that I worry about is the build quality. To be prime facie, in my hand it feels very good it’s nice and balanced, it’s got this deeper handgrip which is very nice. And the camera stays very well very nicely balanced in my hand. And this camera is slightly lighter than the D7200 the camera at this camera is replacing. This camera also uses the latest-generation processor the X speed 5 which is also is in use in the D500 and the FX flagship the D 5. This camera also can give you 8 frames at a second speed. I have set this camera to RAW shooting mode it doesn’t offer uncompressed RAW it offers only compressed RAW but lossless compression. RAW I have deactivated all in-camera processing, and the camera drivers are at a continuous high. Let’s see how much it can shoot it’s supposed to shoot about 50 frames of RAW in continuous high mode before it runs out of gas. So let’s see And the camera shoots at eight frames a second which is very good. It is about two frames more than what the 7200 can shoot.

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I took the D 7500 out on a shoot It’s seven o’clock, the sun God is out, there is life but not a lot of life. I am shooting at 500 ISO and this image is clear. I love this camera, even the colors, it’s rendering the color so well. I’m really amazed, at this price point the camera of this quality. this camera can really stand out when it comes to video recording. This can record 4k which is fantastic news. Besides a 4k it also offers you a full HDMI output which means you can actually tap an uncompressed, unspoiled unprocessed, video signal from here and record it out in ten-bit out to an external recorder. Which was which is fantastic news for the video shooters. I will definitely say it is a fantastic video camera. Because it uses the same sensor as the D500, the same process as the D500, and also gives you full HDMI output. We shoot all our video including the video in which is you’re watching the video information is recorded out onto an Atomos shotgun recorder externally. I would argue the video footage from this camera should not be any different from the image that you’re watching now. So we said a lot of good things about the 7500 So in the same breath let me warn you about a few things which are probably not as good. One is the lack of a second memory card slot. This camera comes with only one memory card slot which can be a disadvantage for a few.

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The second one is the lack of a vertical grip or a battery grip the previous generation cameras the seven one zero and the seven two zero had vertical grips which definitely improves, you know, which gives you more power to work with for a longer period of time and it also improved the balance of the camera. When you look at the bottom of the camera I can’t see any electronic contacts here which means Nikon is not even planning for a vertical grip for 7500 which I think they should have. So the million-dollar question, who is targeted at. It’s a beautiful camera, I would say this could be your first serious camera. Okay. For all those people who cannot really afford a D 500, this camera is in kind of touching distance in very very close proximity, to the D 500, one. Second, this can be for the D 500 shooters. This can be a very good second camera you know you don’t need to probably buy 2 D500 bodies, because one D 500 body can do a lot of things, it has a battery pack and so many other things This can be your standby camera. Also for the DSLR filmmakers, this is the camera.