Syma X500 Foldable GPS Drone Review

Syma x500 foldable aerial gps drone This ideal drone for the beginners and for practice it’s got three flight modes: it’s optical – it’s headless – and GPS and we’re gonna go through all these modes during this review. Thanks for tuning in #FamilyPopTV. it comes with a cool looking case and there’s a bunch of stuff inside: USB charging cables, spare battery, spare set of props with protectors, manual book and it’s got its own app for iPhone and Android the drone itself has got that cool DJI Mavic look. There are two cameras; – the front camera tilts 90 degrees. It comes with two milliamp batteries. The battery slides backand being charged via usb and it takes about three hours for full charge which gives you about 20 to 25 minutes flight. I’m personally using iphone charger it works perfectly well , on the remote there is a power on/off button, here there’s a takeoff and landing button, there’s a button for calibration of the compass, there’s a home button there’s a led indicator there’s a video button, there’s a photo button on the other side, there’s the front camera tilts 90 degree up and down. Charging the remote takes about 45 minutes to one hour. Right on the bottom there is a SD card slot. it’s actually a mini SD card and I would recommend minimum 16 gigabytes of capacity. Before we are going to set up the drone for the flight, i’ll actually use these props protectors just to be absolutely sure that everything’s goes right . we’re not gonna smash anything uh so i would actually recommend to use it on every flight here we go; power on on the remote and on the drone is automatically pairing with each other, in the meantime we could set up the wi-fi. it uses the 5g wi-fi. It has to be set up on your mobile device. Before the flight we need to calibrate the compass of the drone; do about two to three turns and then tilt it to vertical position and do the same. It shows you exactly when the calibration is successful and now the drone is prepared to take off. now i’ll show you how to use the gesture to do the photo or video: that’s the gesture for the photo; it takes three seconds to make a shot the gesture to record the the video – it’s palm up and hold it for three seconds; the video gonna start recording automatically after that. And here we go:) now we’re gonna do flight in GPS mode i would actually recommend this one, because it gives you full control over your drone plus you can see on your mobile device your range, altitude your battery level. You could switch the cameras; you could switch the position of the camera because it tilts 90 degrees there’s a couple of other parameters which can be controlled by an app – and you also got a live feed. There’s no image stabilization on video so it’s pretty shaky. on video quality it’s full hd, it’s not super high quality video – definitely an amateur, it’s just for having fun kind of filming – you obviously won’t be able to do any wedding on this drone, however it’s great for the practice, just to get familiar with that kind of quad. the videos are a little wobbly because there’s no image stabilization and there’s no physical gimbal in this drone. the second camera in the bottom of the drone could be switched via APP; and this is the automatic landing, and now we’re gonna fly in headless mode which is probably the simplest one and it only requires the compass calibration and configuration of the forward direction, there’s no need to use the mobile it’s just a pure remote and a drone itself then we’re gonna take up the drone to its maximum altitude which is about 110 meters. when the battery is low the drone won’t go higher than 20 meters and further than 20 meters radius uh which is actually pretty safe and when the battery is about to die the drone will automatically go back to you and land on its own – which is really cool feature. it flies pretty smoothly, it handles the wind pretty good now we’re gonna record some video this is not a live feed it’s been recorded on on SD card, it’s a bit of a breeze in there some videos even more wobbly than before. That’s still pretty cool. in headless mode you need to insert the SD card which is mini SD card. In GPS mode the video is being recorded straight to your mobile device. I’ll try to land manually without using the automatic landing – now do it on full manual. obviously you don’t have to do it – – it will land on automatic but i just want to i just want to try my abilities whoa, this is another cool thing if if you’re gonna land on the grass or something if the props gonna struggle to turn it’s gonna shut off automatically so it won’t damage the props – it’s pretty cool!

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