I’m gonna try to make it really quick and go through this really fast I get asked this question everyday and that’s why I’m making this video because it’s very difficult for me to write in an email back and forth saying well there’s these drones what do you want to use it for I know you want to buy a drone how much do you want to spend so this video is not gonna cover all that but I’m just gonna show you drones that I think are appropriate for beginners which are people just starting to get into drones so your first drone in my opinion should be one that doesn’t cause you any problems has a pretty good camera and a good flight time and overall you get a pretty good experience and the quality of the drone itself is not bad for the price you pay now speaking of price expect to pay for your first drone unless you want to buy a really good one but a lot of the ones I’m going to show you today these are you know perfect for beginners people just want you to get into the sport these will cost you $200 u.s. and all the way down below $100 u.s. so you decide which one you want to get the more you spend the more features you get the better the camera so on and so forth so these drones all have one thing in common and that is they are all GPS drones yes GPS is the greatest thing when it comes to drones because your drone will take off just sit in the air no don’t fly them indoors it’s outdoors because GPS only works outdoors so your drone takes off it just sits there in the air and it waits for you with your little controller to go hmm do I want to go forward backwards up down sideways it will just do what you want it to do without flying all over the place and now you’re in a panic it will just sit there the great thing about GPS drones also is if you start to go a little wonky you can just hit the return to home button and your drone will come back and land right where it took off hey and that’s pretty cool the next thing with these drones they have cameras cameras are pretty good they’re all like 1080p cameras and the quality is not so bad I won’t say it’s fantastic I’ll just say it’s not so bad only one of them that I’m going to show you has a gimbal the other ones don’t have gimbal so if you’re flying your drone around you’re in the wind and it’s doing this while your image is gonna look like that but either not they’re pretty good drunk so with all that said these are the drones I personally believe would be good for someone who is a beginner and getting into drones now below this video I’m gonna put a link to the actual review of the drone that I did last year or earlier this year and you can check out that review and below that review you’ll see a link to where you could actually buy the drone itself and like I said these drones are all over the map for price so check all the prices and if you don’t find a good price check Amazon and if you don’t find a good price on Amazon check eBay you’ll find at some place or check your local hobby store anyways here we go with the first drone well back up before I get into showing you the actual drones there’s one very important thing I forgot to mention and that is that all of these drones come with a controller our controller or a radio is something you put in your hands and you move the joysticks to fly it that’s great except if you want to see what your camera sees and you want to use all the cool options like follow me and all these other cool things like circle me and all these neat features waypoints that these drones have you’re gonna have to use an app on your phone don’t have a phone yes I have a phone right here so there’s my phone right here and on here you would put an app and you would stick this attach this to your controller and you’d see what your drone sees now the problem a lot of people have is that they have really crappy phones yes you have those really crappy useless phones a crappy useless phone is one that probably cost the manufacturer next to no money to make and you got it for free in a cereal box so if your phone does not have the Wi-Fi protocol 802.1 a see I probably wrote that below here if it doesn’t have that protocol well you can’t really fly a lot of the modern-day drones because that protocol is a Wi-Fi protocol and that’s what the drones require anyways on with my little video all right these drones are no particular order here’s the first row and this is the jjrc x7 comes in white or black and it’s a really good drone it has brushless motors let me just put it over here so my camera can get it so it has brushless motors it actually has a long flight time over 20 minutes of flight time and of course with GPS and everything else that has all the great features you’d use like follow me waypoints Circle me mode and I think it has a few other cool little things and I think the camera even moves if I remember correctly moves up and down check the link below check out this here drone and see if it’s the one for you next drone sjr cz5 this thing here’s a pretty cool drone because it doesn’t weigh a lot you know it’s I think it’s under 250 grams which is pretty cool and it’s a foldable drone and it has a decent camera on it and as GPS and it does a lot of cool flight modes so yeah check this one out not very expensive for this drone has a lot of good reviews and I think you would like it oh I always forget the but a little captain troughton I’ll never remember who I am without this there we go dad you can’t even see it who cares alright so the next drone is the holy stone HS 700 this one here I reviewed a long time ago they sell a lot of these because people really like them let me put it over here so you can actually see what it looks like so this is the Holly stone man it’s a big box it’s a really good drone GPS long flight time I think the flight time is about 20 minutes comes with a lot of cool stuff inside they really pack this box with a lot of cool stuff this is one of those drones where it’s not foldable the camera hangs below so you get a little 1080p camera below and if you want you can replace that camera with a GoPro or something else but there you go the Holly stone HS 700 will get drone next we have a very popular drone in the year 2019 you know this drone became so popular let me put it here so you can actually see it on the box this drone the Heron became so popular that it originally sold for like a hundred and twenty dollars then it went up to like 150 then 160 now they’re selling this for like two hundred dollars it might be under 200 but close to it it’s because it’s so popular and they can’t meet the demand everybody wants one this thing here actually has a two axis gimbal so your camera image is 1080p but it’s very stable even in the wind it’s pretty good has a long flight time it uses GPS outdoors like all these other drones but unlike a lot of those other drones it can fly indoors because it has sensors on the bottom to actually see the ground and keep itself in position just like it was outside with GPS so it’s a very good drone at a very low price and yeah I had a lot of good times with this drone so hey check it out next drone this one here I think is pretty inexpensive it’s an e oisin drone and called the es 11s let me just put it down here this drone is larger than a DJ I’m advocare but it looks just like a DJ I’m advocare it’s a foldable drone it does have GPS the camera can move up and down it has everything you’d want it has returned to home with GPS follow me waypoints has a pile of other stuff I can’t reveal all right for this next drone put on your sunglasses everybody look away for a second because here it is it’s extremely bright and shiny this is the what is it called yeah the SJ r CF 11 this thing here when it came out a lot of attention was given to this here drone because it’s like they said let’s make a drone and let’s make it high quality so this drone when you put it in your hands you unfold it it’s a foldable drone you feel it it feels really high quality and when it flies you actually think you’re flying a drone that costs you know like maybe four times as much as this thing it flies really well now has other features on it that work and I had a problem with one of the features on this thing because I use an Android phone so I don’t know if they fix that but anyways all in all a lot of people are happy with it so I haven’t heard anybody complaining to me saying what the heck a lot of people have enjoyed it as a matter of fact people usually write below this video for this thing and always tell me how great this drone is so I have to take it that it is great I enjoyed it and I flew it in sub-zero temperatures and it flew well so anyways this is a really good drone it has brushless motors and it’s got the GPS and all the other bells and whistles on it it’s really good and it’s not that expensive and it’s really made well now this next drone is the drone I recommend to everybody who is starting out for their very first time with a drone so in other words it’s easy to fly and it won’t break in a million pieces if you crash it and it’s really good overall so it is this one that there’s a label on it here it’s this one this is the Cetus so this drone here is identical to I’ll put it below the screen it’s identical to the mjx RC bugs to se same exact drone so if you see this drone for a price and you see the bugs – a sefer price take the one that is the least expensive because they’re exactly the same and I flown both and I’ll put both video reviews of both drones below so you can check it out excellent beginner drone has brushless motors good controller good range good flight time the cameras built-in you can’t move the camera but the camera cannot be damaged unless you fly it straight into mountain rock face or something but yeah it’s really good overall flies in all types of weather no issues with this drone highly recommend it alright the next one is a really good drone this is the bugs 3 Pro and you know this is a lot like that holy stone drone you know with the camera hanging at the bottom same idea so this year bugs 3 Pro is a GPS drone brushless motors extremely powerful there’s a video of me actually flying this with a really heavy GoPro and flying it around and showing you what the image looks like but the camera that comes with it is a 1080p and it’s pretty decent so you get good quality good flight time good range all the features you’d want a GPS drone with the return to home follow me and all that other good stuff overall really good drone excellent rope for beginners all right this next drone all I have is the case it comes in so let me take it out of the case so I can show it to you now you can buy this drone with the case as well let me get rid of the case here so you can actually see the drone so this is the jjrc x5 drone here we’ll put it down so you can see it and it has a camera on it right there here I’ll plug in the battery so the camera on this drone you can point it straight or move it all the way down to look straight down when you’re flying now the JJ Pro x5 drone is the same drone as the mjx RC bugs 5w but I write that below some place there so again if you see the bugs 5w or you see this one at a lower price pick either one they’re exactly the same drone is just different naming conventions for different marketing and distribution so this drone is a really good drone because it flies at all sorts of weather it has the GPS and has brushless motors like many of the other ones it’s a great beginner drone because it has a lot of cool features on it like once again the follow means the orbit meas all those other great things and it really flies well and it’s got a nice battery length of time I think it’s like 20 minutes like time max and it’s got a good range on it so you can really have a lot of fun and a good controller like many of the other ones alright so that’s it there’s probably a hundred more drones I could show you but honestly this video would get too long I should also mention I have it sitting behind me this drone here is called the Wolvie it’s another one of these let me bring this closer it’s massive in size the only reason I have it out here is because it’s a really good drone for beginners and it’s like those other ones with the camera that hangs below and they give you a good camera and everything else except look at how big it is look at how small I am so because of that and has brushless motors and everything it’s really well made and because of that the price is kind of high but I’m pretty sure that the price is gonna come down below $200 so I’ll put a link to that one as well just in case the price came down below 200 because it was always close to 200 anyways and if it comes to below 200 consider that one that’s a super good drone as well alright hope you enjoyed this video I know there’s many more I could’ve went through but I’m trying to keep it short because I just want to send this link to this video to everybody who asked me what drone should I get in the future you’re all gonna come back and watch this video now I have to point out we are in the month of March the year 2019 so that means that if you’re watching this video in September 2019 or you’re watching this video in 2020 there’s lots more drones that have come on the market since this time right so look for a second video like this I’ll probably have another one out that I’ll do it about six months from now after I see a pile more drones and look for that one