V-Coptr Falcon – The Review

this is the v copter you know i’ve had this for quite a while and i’ve never reviewed it well this was announced way back in december 2019 by zero zero robotics and i bought it in december 2019 and it shipped me in october of 2021 so that was an awfully long wait time now there’s a reason i haven’t reviewed this since i’ve had it since october and i’m going to tell you my reasons at the end of this review so stay tuned for that but right now you know the v-copter is pretty cool and it’s got some interesting specs to it which i’m gonna put up here you know the most important spec to take note of is it only has two motors so it’s a bi-copter if it had one motor i guess we’d call it a helicopter so by only having two motors you get a longer flight time and it is true in my tests with this drone the flight time is quite long and also with only two motors i will tell you this is a very quiet drone i think it’s almost as quiet if not quieter than all the mini drones on the market it’s very quiet so you can see from the specs up here it can shoot 4k video at 30 frames per second it does have a tracking feature to follow you around it does have obstacle detection i wouldn’t really call it obstacle avoidance it’s obstacle detection obstacle avoidance usually means that there’s an obstacle i will avoid it and go around it this is more like there’s an obstacle i’m just gonna stop between the controller and the drone they are using the 2.4 gigahertz spectrum of communication and the 2.4 gigahertz spectrum is really good for long distance and range and penetration i did find in my test it does have good penetration as for range if you watch other youtube reviewers they didn’t get very much range so i can’t really tell you i did a small range test in this video you’re gonna see and since it only has two motors it has a wind resistance of class five so class five is pretty good for most drones all right so how about we get into my review of this little baby so uh check this out all right v-copter can’t take off no satellite warning weak gps takes a while to get a gps signal on this baby all right i’m out here with the v-copter and the first thing i notice is that it takes quite a while to get gps satellites so right now it’s been sitting there for a little while and it says can’t take off and it still says i don’t have enough gps satellites to take off i am in a place here with the sky open there’s this little skinny metal pole that might be blocking some satellites and a tree but other than that it’s wide open it should get the satellites pretty quick so it’s a little slow on that way yeah we’re up to seven satellites now it’s still not enough to take off oh my god this thing is ridiculously slow at getting satellites what kind of technology are they using in this thing all right i took the drone from over there and i moved it to over here so uh it would get no tree uh away from the skinny pole it’s got some trees back there but you can kind of see through them and what am i up to for satellites oh look at this look at this it says take off oh my god now if you look at my phone screen it’s kind of dull out here so i’ve already changed the exposure value it was at zero and using the right little dial here i can put it up so it’s not smart enough to brighten itself for days like today so i’m brightening up to oh i might over brighten it i’m going to put a plus seven to start with there we go that’s plus seven and uh my satellites are going in and out i’m at seven again it says i can take off though oh no i can’t take off now oh my god oh my god now the gps satellite’s gone away this thing must not work well for a lot of people i can not believe this drone drop back to seven satellites it’s gotta go at least to eight to go take off it’s really bad with the gps signal i don’t know what the problem is right start these motors up there we go and if the gps keeps on working it will stay still in the air take it on up it’s very quiet i will say that all right so here i am right here the drone is right there what i’m noticing already is it thinks there’s obstacles everywhere even when i put it up in the air so i’ve left the obstacle avoidance on and it it sometimes just doesn’t move anywhere so i’m gonna leave it on just for this test uh right now you can see what the video looks like this is 4k 30 this would be the video from this here camera that’s the highest you can get it so let’s take it up and fly it around let’s go up so now it says on my screen on my phone it says warning you have reached the max flight altitude wait for the gps signal to be normal so once again i’ve gone down to six satellites so i’m holding it up there and hopefully it gets more satellites well here let me just fly it around anyways at that height so here’s a few things i can tell you already uh you can see if you leave the obstacle avoidance on it gets really confused it starts bouncing in the air like that it doesn’t have a clue what to do and yeah so you really want to turn that avoidance off other than that the only positive i could say with it right now is it’s pretty quiet for a drone it’s pretty quiet i’m going to turn the obstacle avoidance off so in my menu if my phone record is working i’ll go here and you just go down to obstacle avoidance and i’ll turn you off are you sure yes turn off i’ll turn you on later i like it better with the obstacle avoidance off oh yeah much better much better let’s see what the active track is like on here i’m gonna put an active track over here on the left that says manual mode i’ll click on that go to manual mode i want omni follow so here we go uh please click on target that would be me the big go altitude to too low i thought as much okay so let’s bring it up there we go it says you can follow the truck the jeep or me so i’m gonna pick me altitude is too low how high do you want this thing to go okay it’s way up there though hit go there we go start three two one so this drone should now follow me so let me try gonna walk by my jeep here and let’s see if it follows me yeah it’s following me i’ll come over here on the road you know i stand out it’s black still there make sure it’s following me and not just sitting there in there yeah it’s following me that’s good and does it have the ability if i walk towards it will it go backwards i’m walking towards it and there it is you can’t spook it you got to sneak up on it really slow if i walk fast it’s going to lose me watch if i walk normal speed yeah oh no it’s still got me almost losing me almost losing me oh yeah it’s yeah it’s now it’s looking straight down because it’s almost lost me come on come on drone i got to bring the drone over because it’s like very slow it wants to keep such a huge distance away from me all right now it’s close to that tree so if i walk on an angle in order for it to follow me i want to make sure it still sees me and sees the tree okay so it didn’t crash into the tree it’s coming it’s coming it’s probably going to lose me if i go around the tree but let’s see i’ll just keep watching on the monitor does it last me is it going to fly in looks like it’s getting close to that tree hopefully it stopped oh it’s not coming anymore so i guess it did stop it’s up there and it’s flying backwards now oh and it’s got me again interesting that’s interesting let’s try this tree go this one i’m gonna walk right around this tree i’m going around it coming out the other side no it didn’t find me that time but i was surprised it found me the other time when it lost me let me go back and come out the other side let’s come out and i’ll just stand here now on my screen it doesn’t even say it lost me it’s just there i’m controlling it now oh the obstacle avoidance is on so it’s a little jerky it’s going through the trees here what are you looking at it keeps thinking there’s something in front of it there’s nothing everything’s far away so it’s jerking around keeps on saying obstacle detected so it’s stuck when it says obstacle detected it will not move in the air it’s stuck there you have to turn it sideways or fly it backwards here we go i got to turn this obstacle avoidance off it’s really annoying what was the other one track shots oh that’s different so here’s track shots now click on me the drone will take the target as the center and record during surging oh so i think it’s gonna fly backwards or something let’s go start three two one there we go it’s flying backwards good thing i left it lots of space so it just has droning mode that’s about it so it’s flying up and outwards it’s doing its thing i don’t know if it comes back will it come back to my winter wonderland how far are you going dronie all right it stopped finally that went uh it says that went a distance of 48 meters away and it is coming back it’s just going to follow it same path flies so much better with the avoidance off let’s uh show you the speed modes here so on the side of the controller you have a normal like they call it i don’t know like leisure mode and sport mode so i’m in leisure right now all right here we go full speed in leisure mode there we go [Music] it’s not bad so here’s leisure mode coming back at me there we go and i just put it up there because there’s no obstacle avoidance don’t hit the jeep okay now i’m gonna go in sport mode i’ll put it back this way so here we go full blast in sport mode i’m gonna go past that camera too this is sport little faster not massively faster a little faster and here we go coming back at sport there we go all right next thing to do is uh check the range on here i’m just gonna fly see where i am right here i’m gonna fly straight that way back there and it’s a little forest take it up over the forest and just see how far it goes so here we go over my head so i’m going to try to get it to go over that little forest i’m aiming right at it here and i just want to see if the signal keeps on going it says i’m at 150 160 meters i’m going to take it to about 500 meters and then bring it back [Music] so there we go it just went over that tiny little forest i’m out in the farmer’s fields and no man’s land and i’m coming up to about 500 meters the signal’s really strong so it’s all good that way good reception for most things and i’m just going to turn it around now and i’m going to bring it back look at my forest down here and i’m going to bring it back in sport mode there we go yes i switched to sport mode and here we go full speed on my screen it says the max i’m getting is about 10 meters per second right now in sport mode [Music] okay so now i’m flying behind the school reception’s still good yeah not bad reception behind the school is decent a lot of times the school blocks reception but it’s all good and now i’m going to come down to the ice over here you can see there’s ice and a lot of times when you fly down here because it’s way behind those trees over there uh reception is really bad so let’s see i’ll bring it down the reception would not be that good but it’s still good okay it’s the way up there let’s try some photos i’m gonna hit stop on record and snap some photos [Applause] [Music] okay i have a switch on here return to home i’m gonna press it there we go return now confirm return to where i am so you can come to where your phone is or where it took off from so i’m going to say come back to where you took off from and let’s see where it comes back it’s going to go up to the height i set it at for return to home and then it should fly back and land right here all right where are you oh it’s up top it’s coming down comes down very slowly now bring the camera down so you can see what it sees there we go there i am there’s the landing pad it’s not far off is it look at that look at that oh what’s it gonna what what’s it gonna land on and it slid down the side of the embankment but it landed and it turned itself off now you saw in that review it was a dull overcast cold winter day aren’t all my days like that up here so drones usually don’t perform well in those type of days especially with poor lighting this one did okay so you can take away your own opinion how you thought the 4k 30 frames per second video looked with the sensor and the camera on this drone and the photos as well given that the lighting was dull but now you’re wondering okay so how does it work at night is it any good can it take anything reasonable usable that i can use well uh check this out here we have our v copter falcon preparing for takeoff it does fly very well at night no issues there my cell phone is in the top left that is what i was looking at and to me the image looked pretty good but this is the image right here yeah that’s what it recorded so a lot of noise in the image does not look good you could not use this for anything partially my fault because i had the exposure value cranked up to 1.7 and i’m bringing it down here to one so even at one yeah still lots of noise it should be at zero and you’re gonna see even at zero it’s not the greatest but it doesn’t prove itself so as we go on here i’m gonna reduce the exposure value and bring it down a few notches and bring it all the way down to zero and you see as the exposure value is going down you’ll see the noise in the sky reduce and blacks become blacker this drone is not designed to film at night not at all so this is the best you will get filming at night for some of you this may be acceptable for others probably not the greatest video that you’ve seen for night flight now this is my favorite part right here look at the stop sign isn’t that cool watch that again the shadow from the v-copter that looks so cool yeah the v-copter does have a very unique shape and for people who are used to seeing drones when they see the v-copter they’re a little bit confused as a matter of fact this guy driving the car coming around the corner well his headlights would pick up the v copter and i wonder what he thought it was it probably looked a little bit different to him and here we have the v copter landing i did not put on the landing legs and it still lands fine so after all that what are my thoughts on this drone well first off a bonus point is it’s very quiet it’s a very quiet drone so if you need something quiet to fly around and not spook anything it’s pretty good but talking about spooking things this drone gets spooked by its own shadow the obstacle avoidance is terrible on this drone and i think it might have been because it’s not a sunny day you know if it’s sunny and no snow on the ground you get better contrast for the obstacle avoidance here we have white snow white sky it was getting spooked at every turn and second and when the obstacle avoidance thinks everything around it is an obstacle it just doesn’t fly the tracking on here is really good at least in my test it turned out to be pretty good i like the fact that when it lost me it could find me again at least in that one instance i did put the obstacle avoidance on while tracking in a few cases and to me it didn’t seem like the obstacle avoidance was working while it was tracking me because it was getting awfully close to a lot of items so if anybody out there has this drone and you have obstacle avoidance on and it still crashes it’s probably because it doesn’t work very well while it’s tracking you once again that could have been due to the lighting i’m not really sure other good thing long flight time on that battery i had no complaints about the flight time it was very long and i did find the penetration at close range penetration the signal to the drone going through objects trees buildings at close range was really good the gps uh you can already guess what i’m gonna say about that it is terrible i also found that you know for the app there’s limited features on what this can do especially considering the price of this drone the camera has very few settings for manual control you can play with the exposure value like i did which is very wise to play with on dull days but other than that there wasn’t too many other controls there is an option for raw photos but it was grayed out on my app so there’s something goofy going on there so i could only take photos and jpeg it doesn’t do a lot now maybe in the future to do more apparently there’s eight gigs of memory inside so if you don’t put a micro sd card inside it it will use the internal memory and finally the price of this drone the price of this drone seems to jump all over the place wherever you check online i don’t think this drone is worth the price they’re asking for this drone i think it’s more like a six or seven hundred dollar drone i don’t think it’s a way over a thousand not for something like this not with the drone and the controller not with what it can do currently also the technology in this drone is kind of like the old 2016 dji mavic pro drone very similar to that i think they took this technology from that and stuck it in here because it would be very inexpensive to grab 2016 technology and toss it into a drone like this this case over here is the carry case for the drone it opens up and the drone fits in there nicely obviously you can only fit the drone in there not the controller and when you take the drone out you do or do not have to put the stand on this is the stand so that when it lands it doesn’t tip over uh you don’t really need for takeoff but for landing sometimes if the ground is uneven it’s a good idea to have it on also with the controller they do not include a cable that goes from the controller to your phone they expect that you have one so i took one here from my fimmy 2022 edition and it works fine now before i tell you why i did not review this drone back in october how about i show you what comes in the box so check this out this is the box that contains your v-copter and this is the box that contains your blast off controller your v-copter is housed in a nice carrying case so when you remove the carrying case you’ll find two pamphlets to get you started then one layer down you’ll find all your accessories for your v-copter you do receive two spare props plus a screwdriver and screws as well as a usbc cable and your power brick to charge up your battery also the landing legs are included opening the v copter case you’ll find the v-copter and i will say it’s very well put together it feels really good in the hands quality build sensors on the bottom include an optical flow as well as two infrared landing sensors to prepare the v copter for take off you just extend the two arms and you will notice that each of the motors has a gimbal on it to rotate the motors so that you can fly forward backwards up front you have three cameras the two up top are fixed in place for obstacle detection and the one at the bottom is your 4k 30 frames per second camera on a three axis camera gimbal total takeoff weight of the v-copter is 763 grams the included battery is a 4 500 milliamp hour battery you do have a data port on the side to remove your videos and photos off the drone as well your micro sd card slot and bind button are located on the other side now we’ll take a quick look at the blast off controller you do receive instructions with the controller the blast off controller is well designed your joysticks are hidden underneath you can store them there and just put them in place when you’re ready to use it at the front of your controller you have a charge port and a connection port in addition you have two assignable buttons on the rear as well as two jog dials and a take a video button and a take a photo button the power button can be found on the right hand side and the speed button can be found on the left hand side all right so you waited this long through the video to see why i didn’t review this product in october 2021 and let me just say it’s because zero zero robotics is a company that’s been around for a while i’ve been in the hobby since 2013. i know the skeletons in the closet of zero zero robotics and i’m not going to go into them i’ll just say that they are a company that always over promises and under delivers and they only make products by getting your money in advance and if they can’t deliver or deliver well yeah sometimes you don’t get your money back and that was the case with this here drone a lot of people were waiting and waiting and wanted their 100 deposit they put down on this drone and trying to get it back and a lot of people had difficulty and they had to go to paypal and put in a complaint to try to get their money back because the company just wasn’t giving people their money back not to everybody anyways and that’s for the simple reason that the company needed all that money to make this drone so this drone is nothing new on the market so let me just tell you the story really quick back in december of 2019 december 2019 that long ago zero zero robotics put out a notice to the world that we’re making this drone and if you give us 100 u.s we will ship it to you in two months time so they promised to ship it in february of the year 2020 two months later well i knew that wasn’t gonna happen that’s the old over promise under deliver they just want your money so now they can invest it in other projects they’ve done and other things and i knew this thing was going to be delayed so in february zero zero robotics said nope kovit’s here kovit’s here we’re not shipping it you know kovit was in china in december of 2019 when they made the announcement there was nothing new with kovit and in order for a company to say in december of 2019 that yep if you give us a hundred bucks we’re shipping in february means that all they needed was the money to have this drone manufactured in other words they had the drone finished they just didn’t have it manufactured and then just so people didn’t take their money back they said we’ll ship it in july of 2020. nope never happened then september of 2020 came and they said we’ll ship it then nope never happened and then they went silent and again yeah people had difficulty getting their money back and then for some weird reason it just showed up an email in september of 2021 said hey if you want it just pay us the difference which was i don’t know 5.99 or 4.99 i can’t remember now and we’ll ship it to you so they did they shipped it to me and i received it in october and the drone is pretty much 2019 or earlier technology now this also brings me to the next point there is a firmware upgrade to i don’t really know if it adds anything additional but it does fix some problems with the drone but the firmware is not as simple as just attach your phone and it does it automatically no you have to download a program and that program has to go on your windows computer i don’t know if it works with a mac the problem with that is this look at my screen yes zero zero robotics being as you know dark and shady as they are even their website says don’t trust it so with all that said that’s my review i think if they would have put this drone out way back in february of 2020 as promised we would all be singing a different tune at least i would i would be singing a big different tune going man this is pretty cool because you think back to february 2020 this would have been a pretty good drone but now we’re in 2022 and it’s kind of long in the tooth especially for the price asking now if they reduce the price to like 600 or 700 u.s for this package then i think people will buy it and it will be a good drone to get because it is pretty cool it does kind of look like i know they call it the falcon but to me it looks like a bat like when it’s coming at you it looks like something off the batman show or batman symbol batman movie anything it kind of looks like that so they should have called it the zero zero robotics v-copter bat and i think it would have been much better and the final thing i want to say about the drone is that it’s very well designed so i’m going to give props to zero zero robotics for that uh it’s designed very well in that when you hold it it’s solid in the hands and everything it cannot survive a crash as you’ve seen on many youtube videos reviewers crashed it they probably did the follow me thing uh and had the obstacle avoidance on and thought it worked i don’t think so anyways they probably crashed it and uh yeah so it doesn’t take much of a fall to break the arm when the arm is broken yeah you’re gonna have to get it repaired all right guys i hope this video was a negative i’m just giving you my my per that’s only mine captain drone personal thoughts of the company zero zero robotics if you’ve had good experiences with them then yeah post a comment below because maybe maybe my information is just so old school right now i don’t know anyways guys if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up i will put links below to places you can buy this drone case you want to buy it you know like i said it is a little bit pricey but if you think it’s pretty cool just having two motors and the long flight time then it might be the drone