V309 OBD2 Scanner Review

I featured this previously in my DIY gadgets that you should own especially if you love working on your cars so, if you haven’t watched it yet I will put a link to my cards here so we will see if this tool is useful for you or not this is OBD2 scanner and is not bluetooth but is wired V309 I bought this online and is quite cheap this is the box it says made in China it can read codes view freeze frame vehicle information and it can also erase codes and I/m readiness I will show you all of these features later then we will see if it is worth buying for your DIY jobs so lets start lets open the box this is the product the port is 16 pin and is ideal for 2000 model cars but the box says 1996 car models and higher this product is compatible, 16 pin OBD scanner so it only includes this scanner and a manual okay, so where is our port? here, do you see it guys? so that’s where we are going to insert the OBD lets insert it now the 16 pin OBD wait a second the other way around so as you can see the tool automatically turned on but it won’t get the data yet okay guys, so this is our scanner it has escape button arrows and okay button the screen isn’t visible so if you press enter it will connect to your car’s ECU but you will see that it won’t connect there you go it didn’t connect because you need to turn on the ignition either you start the engine or switch the key to accessories so lets start the engine the engine is not running lets press escape again when you press esc you will go to the system setup just press esc again then press enter it will now read there are no faults so this scanner, the reason why I bought this is to read codes we are now connected this is the diagnostic menu it can read codes, if you have check engine light, it can read the codes and diagnose the system that’s is the purpose why I bought this OBD2 just in case my engine got a problem this tool can diagnose the issue according to the instruction it can read engi engine power control module so engine issues are readable and also the gearbox so if you have issues with your gearbox, this scanner can diagnose them so guys, I am not an expert on using OBD okay this tool is for basics only I can only show you limited information I don’t know how to use complex OBD scanners but this one is for basics and for those DIY enthusiasts like us okay, so for example you see check engine you need to know the problem if you press ok read codes no codes because my Montero has no issues it has no problems, that’s why it can’t provide any codes but in case you see error codes which is called modules you can see what module you are dealing with this is what an error looks like when the scanner detects one from your ECU this is what it looks like, I’ll post it on your screen there you go there’s number code error code module number code all manufacturers use the same code, though the numbers also varies. It also shows the meaning of the code for example here, P0115 it is about coolant temperature sensor then the screen also shows you how many codes are found from your ECU this is if the scanner detects any error codes on your engine which are detected by your computer box so you can also delete the codes (number 2) but of course if you will erase the code you must ensure that you fix the issue usually, based on what I know for example you got error code P0115 which is the coolant temperature sensor for example that you already replaced the sensor then you turned on the engine the code should show no more but if the code still present, you can erase the code so you can’t erase any codes if you haven’t fix the problem okay, that’s the two reasons or features of this OBD why I bought this product it can read codes and erase codes okay ok guys so I already drove the car, the engine is now hot lets see if the scanner can read more codes. Read codes, still nothing so our engine has no issues lets see here This Drive Cycle as you can see, all data are Not Applicable N/A means that the ECU don’t provide results from these types of requests it doesn’t give information to our scanner for example misfire monitor, fuel system monitor comprehensive component catalyst monitor evaporation system, secondary air system AC, oxygen sensor, nothing, it provides nothing no information is given to our scanner So those are the negative side of this tool for example, if your car is Toyota Vios it doesn’t have temperature gauge if you will use bluetooth OBD scanner you will use Torque app which you need to download from Android Android playstore or IOS then you will read the codes using that app then you can monitor there the status such as your RPM throttle response status fuel system, if your car consumes a lot of fuel or not what else you will see many more data if you use Torque app those are the difference with V309 the good thing about this tool it can read codes, although it can also be done on bluetooth-based OBDs so, I only need these two features and I also don’t know that this tool doesn’t provide miscellaneous data such as the fuel consumption kilometer per liter, temperature data is also not available it can’t read other information In Montero, that’s okay because we already the car already shows those car information do you see? these are the details, 4.9km/l fuel consumption I don’t drive long and fast that’s why the reading looks like the car eats up a lot of gas so these data are accurate guys I still have 240km before I need to gas up all these details are not available on other cars for example in Toyota Vios these data are not given that’s why they need OBD scanners to see these information what I know, GLX Montero also don’t have these data that’s why they also need OBD scanners these are the reason why I bought this scanner although when I purchased this I didn’t know that it doesn’t provides these information actually, when I used this in my Hyundai Accent the data shows, when I press this “This Drive Cycle” not all data are N/A some are Ok, INC INC means that the computer box is still not done processing, but in this result, all are N/A the other one is even Off in Hyundai Accent it shows OK, INC which means that the ECU provide information to this scanner the scanner doesn’t show the real status for example in Torque app when using bluetooth OBD scanner it will show real time status it shows numbers for example the temperature, it will show you if your engine reached 80 degrees celcious so you will know if your engine is overheating or not so the same goes to fuel consumption it will show you numbers like 4.6 km/L fuel consumption just like the car info in my Montero. In this gadget, it only shows Ok, INC, or N/A so those are the cons for this V309 OBD2 scanner but if you only want a gadget that can read codes especially if you have check engine light it can read and it can also delete okay so, this tool is also very user-friendly compared to bluetooth-based OBD because you still have to download an app and if you are not that tech geek, this will be a challenge plus Torque is not free though you can use the free version So those are the advantages and disadvantages for this V309 OBD2 scanner So can I recommend this one? if your car already provides information just like I discussed earlier this tool is perfect for you because it can read codes and erase codes and it can also provide information about your vehicle so since your car already provides all other data you don’t need complicated bluetooth OBDs but if your car is is like the GLX model Montero that provides no car information or Toyota Vios any other cars that provide no data in the dashboard I suggest that you buy wireless bluetooth OBD2 scanner okay. But these gadgets are not created equal there are dozens of cheap scanners in the market I suggest you buy the mid-range P800 to thousands don’t buy cheap products because it may damage your ECU okay so if your car provides information this tool is for you but if your car doesn’t provide data, this is not the tool for you because it can’t give you any details of you car as it offers limited features okay guys. So I hope that this video helped you a lot if you are planning on buying this tool expect the features that I discussed here

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