Xiaomi Mi Watch Review

watch global is 46 by 53 by 11 millimeters in size it weighs in at only 32 grams it’s got a 1.39 inch amoled touch display with a 454 by 454 pixels resolution and it’s got a brightness of 450 nits niche on the side it’s got two buttons to navigate through the menu or to quickly access the exercise menu with the sports button on the bottom of the watch on the inside it’s got a 450 milliamp hour battery that gives it around 16 days of battery life and it can be charged in around two hours it’s got 16 megabytes of ram one gigabyte of rom it connects over bluetooth 5.0 and it’s got all kinds of trackers like a heart rate sensor acceleration sensor a gyroscope geomagnetic sensor an ambient light sensor for automatic screen brightness adjustments it’s got the spo2 blood oxygen level sensors and a boro scepter it’s got gps glonass baidu and galileo positioning the mini watch is 5 atm waterproof so it can go 50 meters underwater for i think around 30 minutes so i did test it out in water and it’s suitable for swim tracking as well so we’ll definitely look at that as well on the bottom you’ll find its sensors and the charging pins to charge it with the charger has a kind of a magnetic dock and this snaps into place pretty well as i’ve tried it a bunch of times and it’s it’s pretty satisfying so let’s quickly set it up and let’s see how it does you can install the me watch using the xiaomi wear app from this app you can select a pair a new device select the mi watch and you should be up and running rather quickly once it’s installed you can sync the data like the step counter heart rate data sleep tracking data fitness and exercise data you can change the settings of the watch and you can download additional watch faces right now it came out with over a hundred different watch faces at launch and there are some very nice looking ones to pick from and well some that are really not my favorite ones [Music] so how is the watch well the interface of the watch is very straightforward and super intuitive swiping from top to bottom shows you the notifications that are pushed through from your phone to the watch and swiping from bottom to top shows you the quick access menu with the quick access toggles to things like do not disturb mode a flashlight locking the screen or quickly going into the settings menu when swiping from left to right or right to left you can quick access the most common apps per default you’ll find that things like the step counter sleep analysis the weather app heart rate monitor but from the xiaomi where app on the phone you can select which apps you want to show here and set the order of these apps as well when pressing the top side button on the watch you’ll go into its app menu you can access all the apps on the watch basically all the functions here have their own app you’ll find the fitness tracking menu from where you can start tracking your exercises you’ll find the history of exercises daily activities the heart rate monitor sleep tracker stress levels breathing exercises music player to control the music on your phone setting up alarms the stopwatch and timer the weather app it’s even showing you the current air pressure it’s got a compass um here you will also find your notification and last but not least also the settings menu whenever you’re in an app or are in a menu you can swipe from left to right to go back into the menu which is quite convenient when pressing the top home button it will take you to the watch face from wherever you are on the watch as i said earlier the mi watch is really focused on sports tracking and the sports tracking has 17 different categories and over 100 tracking modes you can access that through the app menu or by simply pressing the button on the bottom and from the miware app you can actually set the function of this button to go directly into one of the exercises if that’s the one that you mostly use so that’s quite convenient it’s got all kinds of trackers like outdoor running thread mill running in or outdoor cycling pool swimming or open water swimming walking tracking or trail running hiking yoga jump rope climbing and freestyle fitness besides a bunch more as you can see in this list right here the me watch is really meant for this so i’ve tried it out with some exercises i’ve actually walked a little bit it seemed to have tracked the number of steps quite well one thing i did notice was that the gps was not a 100 accurate i mean it’s close but it’s not 100 perfect because i walked in a straight line and it shows a little bit of a zigzag line it’s kind of fine with me but i did have to point it out it’s not perfect then i went swimming with it so i could test out how it did and i can really see how well its waterproofing is and it seemed to do fine it tracks the amount of laps it tracks how much you’ve swam and once it’s synced with the phone you can actually find all that information on the phone [Music] so now after using it for around two weeks what do i think of the global version of this mi watch well first i like the design it looks very nicely built it’s got a very nice texture and i like the details on the strap which also feels very nice and tight i like the display that amoled display is bright it’s very sharp and it’s also got this always on display in case you like that the fitness tracking seems to be a big thing on the watch and they offer a lot of tracking options so that’s pretty nice to see i think it’s definitely one of their selling points i did have two days of walking and stuff on the watch but i installed the latest firmware update that was available in the me wear app and the data was unfortunately deleted when installing this new firmware so it was a little bit annoying and it’s surely something to keep in mind in case you want to install firmware updates before syncing the watch data with your phone i lost two days of walking data i mean it’s not that big of a deal but it’s quite annoying another cool thing to mention though is that the mi watch also has native emoji support it probably won’t support all the dozens of new emojis that are out but probably the most commonly used ones it will support although one thing i definitely gotta point out is that at least in this version of the software it did not work with facebook messenger as i got some notification in this message right here and uh well it did not show up so uh yeah that might be something that’s going to be updated in a future firmware update maybe but at least for now when i was trying it out it did not show this emoji another thing to mention is that it was super easy to remove the strap and replace it with something different as a matter of fact i could easily attach the brown leather strap of the amazefit gtr to give it a totally different look so that was pretty cool so overall in broadlines i really like the mi watch and so far it’s been doing quite well with everything that i’ve used it for the me watch is coming out in europe right now for around 99 euros which i think is a very nice price point for the quality and the functionality of this watch so yeah that’s about it for xiaomi’s me watch the global edition

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