Top 10 Florida towns with homes under $200,000

you could buy a home for under 200 000. i say decent because all the places on this list have a good livability score and a median home value of under two hundred thousand in case you haven’t watched these videos before livability score is given to a city state or town when they look at all their stats like crime schools traffic weather cost living few other things they put it all together and they come up with a liveability score in my experience anything above 65 is an okay place to live when you start getting above the 80s and into the 90s it’s an outstanding place to live the other thing on this list is the median home value and that’s how we rank these towns median home value is really just a stat for real estate people to give them an idea what home prices are in an area it’s kind of unrealistic so we rank them by that but i will give you what you’re really looking at for a decent home and for a fixer-upper in this area today we’re looking at the sunshine state florida like i’ve said before florida is a great state and it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the united states the two main reasons for tourists to come here are the beaches and orlando beaches are great it’s just too bad that.

If you go 10 miles inland most of the time it gets really backwoods and it’s really really backwards like wrestle alligators and take your first cousin on a romantic date backwards yeah that bad okay so watch to the end and let us know which one you’d move to alright let’s see what we found number 10 palm harbor florida palm harbor is a census designated place so it’s really not a town it’s just there on the gulf coast in the tampa area just north of clearwater florida with 60 000 residents palm harbor was originally called sutherland that was the shortening of southern land and development company these are the people that originally planned to develop the area everything about this place is kind of average like crime cost living and employment but schools are outstanding statistically so much so i think that helps them bring up their livability score to 85 that’s really good the median home value here is 178 000 but realistically a fixer-upper is going to run you about 135 thousand dollars you can get a home for 135 000 here you’re gonna need to do some work probably landscaping painting maybe fix some windows but it is doable here if you want a nice home that’s ready to move in you’re looking around 285 000 on up palm harbor’s not a bad place to live.

especially with the gulf right there not a bad place number nine oh just florida oges is expensive when it comes to single homes but this place is filled with condos and you aren’t too far from the ocean or miami so it makes it worth it they have a little over 18 000 residents and pretty good stats other than cost living and you know it’s right next to one of the most expensive cities in the country so that’s kind of to be expected miami is pricey the livability score here is 85 which again is outstanding here’s the home prices and it’s not actual homes because those start at like 600 000 these are actual condos and apartments they sell the median home value for the whole area is actually one hundred and fifty seven thousand three hundred dollars but a fixer-upper condo you’re looking at about a hundred and ten thousand which isn’t bad these are one and two-bedroom condos a nicer one is going to run you about 187 000 so that’s not that bad being so close to miami and being that close to the ocean the only other thing they got bad besides cost of living was their employment but there’s a lot of retirees that live here so the employment numbers are going to be kind of skewed a lot of them aren’t working the unemployment got a d minus one cool thing about oges they have a 103 year old elementary school number eight seminole florida seminole is another city not too far from tampa in the st petersburg metro area.

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They’re actually south of number 10 on this list palm harbor this place is the same as a lot of the other places on this list condos duplexes and minutes from the beach seminole is a great place if you own a kayak or boat and like to fish there’s plenty of public boat launches you can get out on the water it is named seminole as in the seminole indians so i wonder how long it’ll be before the political correct gestapo shows up and makes them change their native american name they do have a great livability score of 85 which is outstanding there’s just about 18 000 residents here and the median home value is 154 400 now again condos and duplexes some homes are relatively cheap but a fixer-upper you’re looking at about 160 000 the nicer homes you’re looking at 325 and up and you’re not too far from the beach it could be so much worse it’s on the gulf side so it’s not as bad of weather you know as you get on the atlantic side so yeah this was also where my favorite world wrestling federation dude he uh died here randy savage died in 2011 in seminole florida it’s actually wwe now i always forget that number seven rockledge florida rockledge is a city southeast of orlando on the atlantic side on the indian the indian river.

what the why hasn’t that been changed shouldn’t it be the indigenous people river rockledge was officially founded on august 7 1887 making it the oldest incorporated municipality in brevard county this place is not a bad place to live again not too far from the ocean but you’re on the indian river and they’ve got a liveability score of 89 outstanding rockledge population it’s about 26 000 people and the median home value is 150 thousand one hundred dollars now you can get a fixer-upper here again a lot of condos a lot of duplexes for eighty thousand you’re gonna have to put some work into it but you can get in someplace for eighty thousand dollars a nicer home they start off around two hundred twenty five thousand but yeah eighty thousand you can get into something now the only downside of this one is their employment isn’t the best they get the plus it’s not terrible but it’s not the best and this is actually where scott thompson was born he’s a comedian most of you know him as carrot top and most of us would like to forget him number six coconut creek florida coconut creek is small and airy it’s only 12 square miles to be exact but it has a bunch of people because of all the condos and apartments most are nice with some sort of water right outside the window in a lot of cases ponds creeks canals or lakes something’s there.

there will be water a short walk from wherever you live in coconut creek i’m sure don’t let an alligator eat your dog that happens far too often in florida i actually saw a video i’d put it up there but i wanted to get a copyright strike but this guy had a puppy older gentleman like retirees walking his dog a little small alligator jumps out and grabs his dog goes back in the water he followed the alligator back in got his dog back great video if you look it up old man wrestles dog away from alligator it’s a great video still had a cigar in his mouth the whole time anyway coconut creek has a livability score of 88 and like i said they got a bunch of people they got over 57 000 just about 58 000 residents the median home value here is 150 100 a fixer-upper you’re looking at about 122 000 a nicer home starts off around 250 and up now they do have single-family homes here or around the 200 000 area so this isn’t just all condos but they do have a bunch the only thing that really is a knock to this place their unemployment again bunch of retirees live here so their unemployment numbers are kind of low they get a d it’s just 37 miles north of miami so it’s not a bad place to live and its nickname is the butterfly capital of the world because it’s home to butterfly world the world’s largest butterfly aviary with over 80 species and 5 000 individual butterflies if you’re a big butterfly fan this is the place to go you know i honestly don’t think i’ve ever met someone that was like into butterflies that seemed like it was a big thing back in the 50s and 60s then you know the uh butterfly trend just kind of faded away it’s weird number five

northport florida northport is a city located in sarasota county florida south of tampa originally it was called north port charlotte but i guess since they’re north of port charlotte that’s what they called themselves north port charlotte seems reasonable the residents weren’t too keen on this so in 1974 they changed the name to simply north northport if you like warm weather and atlanta braves baseball or whatever they’ll have to change their name to eventually in the future they do spring training here they have a liveability score of 85. there’s a little over 60 000 people that live here and median home value is forty seven thousand one hundred dollars now this place is pretty interesting the houses are decent for the most part a fixer-upper is gonna be 127 thousand dollars on average right around that area but the nicer homes and i mean decent homes start off around 200 000 and they go up they go pretty good but there is a whole bunch for the 200 to 220 area that are ready for you to move in right now they don’t do the best in cost of living it’s a little expensive of course it’s you know on pretty close to the ocean so obviously they get a d for that and unemployment’s not the best but again we have a lot of retirees here so that makes sense it is home to little salt springs that’s a place where a bunch of archaeologists and paleontologists from the university of miami hang out dig up bones and arrows from indigenous people stuff like that number four port orange florida and when you live close to the water you get cities with names that have beach they or port in them.

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That’s just a fact of life as proof two cities in a row with port in it port orange is a city that’s south of daytona in the daytona metro area and is just north of the beach that holds the record for shark attacks in the world not just the united states they have more shark attacks in new smyrna beach than any other place in the world over time i should say it’s not like last year they set the record this is over time one out of every 20 shark attacks recorded has happened at new smyrna beach yeah that’s pretty scary port orange was settled by john milton hawks he brought freed slaves to work in a sawmill he had set up after the civil war esther hawks his wife established an integrated school in the area now for the time that was unheard of the colony struggled soon after its creation and most the colonists you know skipped town this area became known as freeman villain it’s a legacy to the settlers who stayed in the area they’re all freed slaves the livability in port orange is 87 which is solid that’s a good number the population around 60 000 and the median home value is one hundred and forty five thousand six hundred dollars you can get a fixer-upper here no kidding for as low as fifty five thousand dollars

yeah the nicer homes start off around two twenty and they go up way up but you can get a nice ready to move in home here for about two 220 000. number three saint cloud florida saint cloud is the first city on this list that is actually inland just south of orlando and some of the best family fun in the country you have disney world universal and sea world up there along with some other smaller theme parks saint cloud was founded as retirement community for union civil war veterans and gained the nickname the friendly soldier city if you’re a adam sandler fan this is where he filmed the waterboy with kathy bates henry winkler and faruza balk love her this is not a bad place to live they have a livability score of 88 population of just 44 198 people the median home value here is only 132 900 that’s not bad this another place has dirt cheap fixer-uppers for fifty five thousand dollars nicer homes will start around two hundred thousand they don’t have many jobs here but it’s a really good place to live there’s a lot of retirees living here so that’s probably again a lot to do with the unemployment numbers number two timber pines florida timber pines is a gated community and census designated place in florida west of orlando on the gulf coast sort of it’s a little bit inland but it’s pretty close this one’s a little weird because it’s a place filled with retirees it’s kind of an active retiree type place it has a golf course and it’s relatively inexpensive that makes it even weirder you know when you have a gated community it’s supposed to be expensive this place is not they’ve dubbed themselves the best kept secret

in florida their stats are outstanding other than employment but again it’s to be expected because of all the retirees their liveability score is 87 outstanding they have almost 6 000 residents the median home value is about 132 000 a fixer-upper here is going to run you 150 000 and their fixer-uppers are not bad not bad at all a nicer home will start off around 210 000. all right before we get to number one don’t forget to hit that subscribe button give the video a big thumbs up if you like what we’re doing here be part of our community it is very appreciated all right on to number one and number one lady lake florida lady lake is a town in lake county the population was 13 926 at the 2010 census and it’s estimated that they gained about 3 000 in the last decade we’ll find out when the 2020 census is done this is a great place to live have very little negatives i mean on february 2nd 2007 the town was hit pretty hard by a tornado that killed eight residents other than that this is a great place to live you’re an hour from orlando in case you’re jonesing for some entertainment in an hour and a half from new sierra beach in case you’re jonesing to get bit by a shark you got the best of both worlds here they have a livability score of 85. the median home value here is only 129 100 now here’s the reality of it a fixer upper and lady lake can be as low as eighty thousand dollars they might need a little work there are some older homes here but it’s still doable for eighty thousand nicer homes start off around 130 to 150 000 somewhere in that area and again like everything else that has been on this list everything is great but employment they get a deep plus this isn’t a retirement community as much so that’s their only knock this is a legit you know low unemployment score they also got this really neat um miniature railroad historical society museum thing it’s pretty neat if you ever get a chance to go there

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